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Our Story began in 1990s. Back then we were a small scale enterprise engaged as coal supplier and trader to Medium sized firms.

With the outburst of opportunities, we moved up the ladder and from traders we became agents to coal liasoning and handling by the late 1995.

  • As our learning curve about industry was progressing, we started with the backward integration of setup and started with establishment of a dedicated team for logistics and thus invested in seven fleets of trucks by the year 1998.

  • Under the vision and direction of our promoter cum Managing Director, Mr. Anil Mundra, we took a leap and established today known MCBIPL in the year 2006 and came up with idea to create a new Industry and a Mega- Infrastructure and thus we started with our Dry-Circuit Coal washery Construction of 1.2 MTPA along with a Private Railway Siding.

  • The journey of establishment was a long road and it took us about seven years to develop and create a legacy for ourselves and by 2012 we were able to get our Railway terminals commissioned under the siding code – “MMBD” and thus making us as one of our kind. This is what we call as our USP.

  • And post 2012, there was no looking back, with emergence of clients and work force we kept on integrating our mechanism and kept our goal as just one to be customer centric – and thus we started with adding more and more feathers to our cap, by not only developing four platforms for loading and unloading but also kept our wings broad enough to develop a road logistics and thus bringing in a fleet of fifty trucks, more than twenty heavy machinery equipment like  Backhoe loaders and Bucket loaders.

  • We were able to create our own history by successfully completing the loading into wagons within the stipulated time frame of 3 hours and thus incurring no penalty and no demurrage charges and hence benefiting our clients.

  • Our Vision is focussed on only one parameter that we want to be named as the Customer centric organisation, which has only been working for the favour of its clients and has been able to offer them as one-stop solution at all the levels.


Our company can be said as a one-man company, as it was our Director’s vision that made it possible for us to be able to create and develop our organisation.

  • Mr. Anil Mundra, comes from a remote village located in Rajasthan, and has had his dreams high for doing something better for society in large, but due to lack of resources, he did had to struggle in completing his education. But nevertheless, he had a keen for importance of education and thus completed his graduation in commerce from Kota, Rajasthan. In search of work and new opportunities, he migrated to Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh (then part of Madhya Pradesh) and was exposed to Coal sector, along with his further education of Masters and a part-time job, he worked hard to understand the facades of Coal Sector.

  • By 1992, he was in this industry, learning from all the very well versed and experienced players of the market then and observing keenly to their steps, he followed and had created a customer base for himself. He had a vision of entrepreneur and a experimenting nature of youth and combining those two attributes, he thus laid the first stone of foundation and started working on an independent capacity. Eventually, with his hard work and extra ordinary determination and dedication, he left no stones unturned and established what we see today as MCBIPL.

Mr. Anil Mundra

Founder, CEO

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