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coal benefication

& liasoning

Coal is a fossil fuel made of carbon and hydrogen compounds, which acts as a primary source of global energy. It is a raw material to various industries like Cement plant, Sponge Iron, Ispats, Power plants and various other small enterprises that have furnaces. Like every other naturally occurring mineral ore, Coal comes with impurities like stone, boulders etc and so, it requires a further procedure of beneficiation and sizing as per the requirements of the industries.

In order to facilitate the same, we come in the picture, and with our set up of Dry Coal Washery, we are able to size the rocks in the demanded size ranging from 0-150mm and are also able to reduce the impurities from coal which are non-ignitable and thus increases its capacity of combustion, hence increase the Gross Calorific Value.

As seen in our past lab testing and reports, with our process of washing and beneficiation, we were able to reduce the ash percent available in G15 and G17 Grade of 38%-50% to 32%-36%. Thus increasing the efficiency of coal and benefiting the environment. In lines with the same, we are engaged in process of mixing/blending where the effective constitute of fixed carbon is enhanced, thereby improving the usefulness of coal. 

coal handling

& trading

Located near SECL, which is the highest producing subsidiary of Coal India, enables us to always have enough stocks of highest quality grade of coal available for supply and trade.

We offer solutions to all the small scale industries and local Entt Udhyogs which needs the small quantities like a truck or so periodically over a regular intervals. Along with this, we can also cater to the supply for the power plants and sponge iron industries which require the supply for a wagon or rake of coal.


rail & road

Private Railway Siding

We are a C-priority railway siding registered in the South East Central Railway, Bilaspur zone. The siding is located near Dadhapara Station in the Mumbai-Howrah route, which is the biggest commercial zone of India.

The siding is commissioned with code MMBD, strategically located within a radius of 70kms from highest production capacity collieries of SECL like Gevra, Dipka and Kusmunda. Hence, creating an advantage for our clients, who procure there coal requirements via Road-cum-Rail mode (RCR Mode).

Our siding is commissioned to handle various industrial commodities including Coal, Cement, Clinker, Coke, Fertilizers etc. We had been working in the handling of all aforesaid commodities. Along with this, our siding has also made a record of loading and unloading three wagons simultaneously in a given span of twenty-four hours, without undergoing any kind of demurrage charges or penalty. 

Via Roads

With a fleet of more than fifty trucks, and our location of site in the Sirgitti Industrial Area, we held a capacity of handling and transporting of raw materials of at least 1500MT per day, without outsourcing any transportation work to anyone.

The connectivity of the plant has a well-built road network and has a direct route connection with National Highway (NH-6), which is a 4-lane road. The infrastructure is also connected with cemented roads with plantation across the borders, thus leading to a dust free movement of fleets with easiest and convenient commute possible.

Our Infrastructure has a set up of three Weighing bridge (Dharam Kantas) for measuring the weights of inward and outward of fleets, thus reducing the wait time for trucks in order to load and unload. And the presence of dedicated team of transport which are available for twenty four hours around the clock and seven days a week, we are able to provide a zero lag time and efficient Supply Chain.

heavy machinery

equipment on rental

We offer the supply of following heavy machinery on rental basis on the negotiable terms and competitive prices:

  • Ajax- Self loading Concrete Mixers

  • Baby Roller

  • CAT – 950 Loader

  • GMMCO Dust Cleaner

  • GMMCO Loader

  • HM Loader

  • JCB Excavator

  • L&T Loader

  • Tata Trip Trailer- 4018

Please feel free to drop an inquiry and learn about these Earth Mover Machines and Infrastructure developing machines.

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